Digital Recruitment Sales Reps must be able to find and close a sufficient number of 'High Value' Prospects, every day.

Without clear focus on where their best sales prospects will come from, hunting new recruitment business will always be a drain on your sales team's selling time.

Compass assists reps in identifying key prospects as they first appear and continue through the recruitment cycle. Reps can pre-build defined prospect profiles to ensure more, high probability prospects make it into their pipeline. Matched prospects are dispatched through daily alerts.

The ability to prospect efficiently, effectively and enjoyably enables your team to meet or speak with more 'high value' prospects that need and want your job board's audience.

"The Technical Innovation Award - International Supplier"

The onrec online recruitment awards celebrate the success, growth, innovation, talent and achievements of individuals and suppliers within the UK Online Recruitment Industry.

Compass helps manage, motivate and maintain your best sales performers. Simplicity and speed provides the shortest route to better outcomes - The Compass Reports Platform enables your team to find, qualify and reach out to new prospects every day with no filtering data from a macro level.

  • Find unique prospects to fill gaps in defined and vertical markets and in blind spots
  • 'Push-prospecting' increases efficiency via targeted daily Job Alerts
  • 'Off-the-Radar' reporting instantly targets companies not yet using your job board
  • View job share for Direct Employers or Recruitment Agencies or both
  • Consolidate and track job alerts that are set-up and received in one place
  • A data-dump schedule can be organized for easy migration to your CRM